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2017 in Review

2017 is in the books, and what a strange year it was.  A crappy year in so many ways: politics being a mess, every celebrity being a sex monster, and a bunch of friend drama.  But it was also an incredibly joyous and momentous year for me personally: bought a house in Grand Rapids, had another kid, and finished my solo project album.  The dichotomy was strange, but I will.. Read More

2016 In Review

Time to do my annual look back, and let the record show I did technically start this before February (in case I don’t actually finish it tonight).  2016 came and went even faster than 2015, and in a popular culture sense, that was fine, as it was a real crappy year. Personally though, Avery kept getting bigger and funnier and crazier.  It’s been the blessing of my life to watch.. Read More

2015 in Review

Well, it’s February, so I should probably post my annual look back at the previous year. Go figure, I actually thought over New Year’s Weekend “oh, I could get a start on my year in review post!” And then I decided to have dinner instead. And then it was February. 2015 came and went so quickly it seems. I suppose that’s what happens when you’re living your life and juggling.. Read More

So Long Buddy

This past Wednesday, my grandfather Ty Cobb Wallace (better known as Bomp) left this world, less than a month shy of his 96th birthday.  He always told me that he wanted to live until he was 120 where to buy Phentermine US and be shot by a jealous husband.  While he didn’t quite make it that long, I’m convinced he stuck around these last couple years because he wanted to.. Read More

Daddy Diaries X

My continuing adventures in Fatherhood in which I cover some tunes from Avery’s toys and talk about staying the same after having a baby.

Daddy Diaries 8

Another Daddy Diaries in which I talk about baby core exercises, how babies are like pets but not, and repeating ourselves when talking to Avery, that’s right repeating ourselves when talking to Avery.