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On Success and Expectations

There was a wonderful podcast recently by the guys over at Reply All that’s had me thinking.  You can listen to the full podcast here – -, but the main statement that struck me was when PJ said “As long as you know it’s a lottery, and as long as you don’t feel bad for not winning it, you’re fine.”  The context for this particular podcast was making youtube videos, determining.. Read More

2015 in Review

Well, it’s February, so I should probably post my annual look back at the previous year.  Go figure, I actually thought over New Year’s Weekend “oh, I could get a start on my year in review post!”  And then I decided to have dinner instead.  And then it was February. 2015 came and went so quickly it seems.  I suppose that’s what happens when you’re living your life and juggling a.. Read More

Daddy Diaries X

My continuing adventures in Fatherhood in which I cover some tunes from Avery’s toys and talk about staying the same after having a baby.