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It amazes me sometimes the length people will go to to vandalize. You know how every single restroom ever with an automatic dryer has certain parts scratched out so that it says “Push Butt” or “Rub hands directly under arm.” Another example is in the elevator in my apartment there is a sign that reads “Elevator Inspection Certificate located in front office.” There are gashes gouged into this by some sort of cutting instrument. I tried it with my keys, and I couldn’t even make a dent in the sign, so whatever made these cavernous scratches must have been something made of diamond, or using a motor. There are also the words “Fuck” and “Bitch” written in pen in the little slots of the ceiling grate. So a 6’3″ person with a lot of time on their hands actually took out there pen and wrote on the plastic I assume. I mean, I’m a loser with nothing better to do, and even I don’t see the benefit of the effort.

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