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February 27, 2004 7:18 PM – Inspired by tmcamp, who was inspired by Neil Gaman, I’ve decided to randomize every mp3 track that I own and list what the first fifteen are. TM’s so far have been rather embarrassing and I expect mine to be the same. Since I have almost 16,000 mp3s, there is no ipod that can hold my collection. So I will be preforming the operation on my computer. Here goes.

1. Big Daddy Weave – Exalted Forever
2. Ray Charles – Don’t Let the Sun Catch you Cryin’
3. Santana – Love of My Life
4. Miles Davis – ESP
5. Harry James – Sugar Blues
6. The Theme from Animaniacs
7. David Gray – If Your Love is Real
8. Jimmy Dorsey – Speak Low
9. Phil Collins – The Gorillas (from Tarzan)
10. The Carpenters – (They Long to be) Close to You
11. Bela Fleck – Maura on a Bicycle
12. Warren Zevon – My Ride’s Here
13. The Corrs – What Can I Do?
14. Duke Ellington – I’m Beginning to see the Light
15. Billie Holiday – Foolin’ Myself

There’s enough jazz in there to make that not so embarrassing. I may have to try this again later. Stay tuned.

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