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All About Sex

So I was flipping through the channels earlier this morning, and I came across the good old American classic “Blind Date.” I really dislike this show, since most of it is two people just trying to eventually have sex, while all of us at home laugh at their vain attempts, so we can feel a little bit better about ourselves. But I suppose it is a little better than Elimidate or the Fifth Wheel, which I don’t even have the energy to complain about right now. However, when I was flipping through today, I stopped on blind date for just a moment, and I watched these two people start their date. The thing that kept me watching was the fact that the male was such a nice guy. I kept waiting for the hook, and there was nothing. He was just a genuinely nice guy. And the girl was really nice too. She had just come off a bad relationship and was still kind of scared to get involved, and he was very sensitive and attentive, and they just had a great time on this date and were going to go out again. I suppose it’s not very good for the show, since the show thrives on idiots much like Ricky Lake, but I loved it. However, the show wasn’t through yet. You know how they put the little bubbles next to peoples mouths to symbolize what they’re thinking? Well, as the guy was leaving, they put a bubble next to his mouth saying “You can laugh at the earnest guy, but tomorrow I’m gonna have some good old honest rebound sex.”

It just occurred to me from this that you’re not even allowed to be a nice guy anymore in our culture. Any guy who is nice is just putting on a front to get a piece. Everything is about sex. Is that really all there is to dating, to our culture, or to life?

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