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Pyramid Viruses

You know what I realized today. Computer viruses, the email kind, are like pyramid schemes. Now just follow me here for a moment. There’s this guy who works for amway, oh I’m sorry alticore, oh I’m sorry quixtar, oh I’m sorry, some other crappy place, who goes to the bookstore that I frequent and is always giving people his little shpeil. So I have to sit here and listen to his crap, and hold back the desire to grab the guy he’s talking to and say “Run! Just go, man.” And then as the quixtar guy turns around I yell “Back off.” And then I grab his little briefcase and it falls open to reveal, an apple, a ham sandwich with a sad piece of lettuce on it, and a garage door opener. The only actual information he has is the small brochure in his hand, and the small brain in his head. Then I look at him and say “What are you doing man?” And then he says “I don’t know, I’m so scared.” Poor guy.

But I digress, the way that the pyramid schemes are like a computer virus, is that with a lot of the email viruses, the only purpose of the virus is to send itself via email to other people. So it’s not so much the virus itself that counts, but that the viruses underneath it are sending the same useless message. Nothing ever actually happens with the head virus. His success is based solely on how many people under him continue to spread. There is no actual product.

Just think about it.

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