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Anyone who thinks we do not have sexism problems in this country anymore just need to work with me for a day. The comments I hear hourly at work are just jaw dropping sometimes. Here’s a few examples:

– We have a video that runs all day long with random movie previews and TV show previews. Last month, there was a preview for American Dreams, which looks like one of the dumbest shows ever. So I made a comment to a male co-worker of mine saying that the show looks like they took the dredge of pop culture and put them on a TV show, citing the examples of Third Eye Blind and Lil’ Kim. I then said that I don’t mind Kelly Clarkson, even though I don’t like her music. My co-worker then said, “I wish they would just have Britney Spears on there, because then I’d have something to look at.” I then said “Well, Kelly Clarkson is beautiful.” He then said “Well, she’s got a good face but she could stand to lose a few pounds.” I then said “You know, you’re the reason America sucks.” A little harsh maybe, but I was a little offended too.

– As you may have noticed from some of my entries, I snowblowed this past winter. Well, one night when I was working I mentioned how I was going to have to go snowblow after I got off work. He then had this witty retort: “Fuck that man. Unless it’s a snowblow from a girl.”

– Finally, just this past Friday, a bunch of us went out to breakfast because the power was out in the store. One of my co-workers said to another co-worker “Dude, did you see that new girl in wireless,” to which the other responded “Yeah, she’s got a great ass.” Alley-oop, and the slam-dunk: “Yeah, now that Chad(one of the managers) is doing the hiring, we’ll get a lot of hot women working here.”

Oh yeah, I love my job.

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