Random Thoughts

Why Blog?

I wonder sometimes why I get such satisfaction out of putting these random thoughts or essays up on this website. What’s the point of having my own website? I put these random thoughts up and I have no real direct way of knowing that anyone is actually reading them. Or if anyone actually is affected. I guess one advantage of my random thoughts in this forum, is that there is no fear of rejection. I encourage people to email me about things they’ve agreed or disagreed with, but that doesn’t mean people will. I can say whatever I want and I can’t be shot down, because this is not a discussion, it is my thoughts. I may change that with a bulletin board or something, but as of right now it’s not. Maybe that’s one of the reasons for the blog craze. People fear rejection and crave acceptance so badly that they begin an online journal where they can say whatever they want with no fear of rejection. And suddenly when you place the mundane events of your day, or the petty fight you had with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or the depressing thoughts you had about a former love on a website, they have significance. At the same time, I think I put these thoughts up sometimes when I’m lonely because I just want communication of some kind, and I feel that sending my thoughts out to the void of the internet will somehow mean something. Maybe I should just put a bulletin board up. I’ll look into that.

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