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I’ve got nothing against rap or hip hop artists, but I’m just waiting for two things: a band without a parental advisory, and a band that spells its name correctly. What is so cool about spelling your name wrong? I just don’t get it. Outkast, Lil’ John and the East Side Boyz, Big Timerz. (sarcasm warning) Or my favorite: Limp Bizkit. Here and there it’s no big deal to me, but I swear every single artist has to have their name misspelled. And a few of them are just stupid. Like my personal favorite, Forbidden Froot. I understand how it might be cool to misspell boys or outcast, but what is cool about misspelling fruit? What on earth is appealing about that? Anywayz, that’s my two centz. Peace out to my homiez, Morgan, or Motodd XFostX.

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