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American Unidoled

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! By the way, that’s spanish for the Fifth of Mayo! I celebrated by eating at Q’doba. I know it wasn’t much, but it was probably the most I’ve done to celebrate Cinco de Mayo ever.

Anyway, that’s not the point. As a few friends and I sat around eating burritos, we started talking about American Idol. I’m not a very big fan of this show, and overall there was a general disdain from each of my friends as well. I’ve been rooting for that red-headed kid to win simply so the whole show would be a sham and we could all move on with our lives. However, we came up with an idea for a really great reality TV show. The show would involve getting a bunch of celebrities together, and after each is voted off through each successive week of the show, the final celebrity left gets stripped of his/her fame. So instead of gaining fame from the show, you lose it. We could force them to go work on a farm in Nebraska, or maybe work at a fishery in Boston, but either way, they would lead a humble existence for the rest of their lives. Hopefully the memory of them would fade as well. Now that’s a show I would watch. Here’s a list of some guys and gals we came up with who could compete on the show. There are obviously probably thousands of people who could go on this show (which means it could run for ages and never get boring), so these are just the few that we thought of.


Britney Spears (naturally)
Jessica Simpson
Cameron Diaz
Charlize Theron
Goldie Hawn
Kristen Dunst
Hillary Duff
The Olsen Twins


Justin Timberlake (the other naturally)
Snoop Dogg
Puffy Combs Diddy Daddy Shawn Whatever
Ashton Kutcher
Bill Paxton
Vin Diesal
Keanu Reeves
Kevin Costner
My friend Al (famous for his “disappearing thumb trick”)

And then to spice it up, you could put on a few people that you maybe have mixed feelings about. So that maybe someone who doesn’t necessarily deserve to have their fame stripped could add tension to the selection process. Here’s a few names for that category we came up with:

Julia Roberts
Robert DeNiro
John Mayer

It may seem a little crazy, but all great shows do at first, like Full House or Candid Camera.

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