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The Rhetoric of Rocky

A friend of mine is in a class where they do a section on the movie “Rocky.” Discussing that movie could take a whole book. However, here’s a snippit from an article she had to read about Rocky called “The Rhetoric of ‘Rocky'”:

“The social value model has five dimensions. First, societal values exist in dialectical opposition. Second, symbolic conflict is the dominant form for value change. Third, this symbolic conflict may assume the pattern of either dialectical transformation, involving an inversion of power between dominant value systems, or dialectical synthesis, demanding a conceptual integration between existing value systems. Fourth, each pattern requires specific psychological conditions within the change agents; dialectical transformation requires only knowledge of the value systems in question, while dialectical synthesis necessitates both knowledge of the existing value systems and an internal capacity to integrate them into a unified whole. Finally, since there is greater identification by an audience in a change process that is cooperative and integrative, a more intensified sense of involvement is found in the pattern of dialectical synthesis than in dialectical transformation.”

It goes on from there for about ten more pages. Now do note that this is an article about Rocky! The major problems facing the intellectual writer for intelligence sake, is the lack of alliance with the bourgeoisie and the message the words contain therein. If the directive contained in any communique were meant for said audience rather than the proletariot, the point would be moot. Communication through written literature is not meant to appeal cerberally in a fortunate few, but rather to stimulate the consciousness of the masses. The natural social caste inherent in subject matter also is indicative of the level of writing the author should purport. A subject such as the photoplay known as “Rocky” or a reaction to an essay on a subject such as the photoplay known as “Rocky,” does not require a hyper-intelligent structure nor message, because really what the hell would be the point.

Whew, I just wanted to see if I could do it. But there is no point.

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