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Excess Punctuation

I’m always mystified by excess punctuation.:”-+=\,<>/? I have a friend who sent out an email one time where every single sentence ended with an exclamation point. It wasn’t a joke either. If she was meaning to convey her excitement, I’d have to give her five stars!!!!

There’s a retail store near my apartment called “Draperies, Blinds, and more …” Is the … really necessary? I’m just dying to know what more there could possibly be. Tell me, dots, tell me the mysteries you contain! I also saw a restaurant earlier today that said “Chicken, Hot Dogs, …” I guess I can just assume the rest of the items they could sell.

One last example, I went to a fast food place not too long ago, it may have been a burger of royalty. All over the menu and signs the following phrase appeared – “Try our “new” such and such.” What that implies to me is that this burger is not so much new, as much as it’s been sitting in the freezer for a year and a half and the health inspector finally spotted it.

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