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Thoughts on the Olympics

I’ve been absolutely addicted to the olympics in the past couple weeks, and here’s a few observations.

– Could the women in the beach volleyball wear anything less? The men in beach volleyball wear baggy shorts and t-shirts, yet the women wear tight bikinis (the Germans being in bright pink ones, which absolutely perplexes me). Between every point you can watch the women dig the suits out of their ass, too. Overall, being a heterosexual man, I am quite distracted and have a hard time watching the sport for what it is. So my questions is, Is the bikini thing really necessary? I can understand the top, but wouldn’t spandex shorts or something be more comfortable? I’ve brought this up to several friends, with varied responses. But I don’t have a woman’s body, so what the hell do I know? The one thing everyone has agreed on though is that the dancing girls who come out between sets in the men’s and women’s beach volleyball events are certainly unnecessary. Women’s Beach Volleyball is one sport where the cheerleading aspect is kind of already built in.

Beach Volleyball

– I have really gotten into the gymnastics, mainly because every single event is something I could never do. I love, though, how the announcers point out these things that the contestant will be deducted for and unless it’s the dismount or them just flat out falling on the floor, I have no idea what they’re talking about. Pommel Horse and Rings are pretty cool, but I would basically just want to see the best two or three of the evening, because it just gets boring after that. And for the women, I can’t stand the little dance moves in the floor routine. The routine generally goes run, flip, flip, land, chest out, dance move, dance move, dance move, stand for a second, breath (camera zooms in), run awkwadly (they all run blocky and strange I’ve noticed), flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, chest out, dance move, dance move. Honestly, cut the dance moves and just flip. I’ve seen one routine this whole olympics where the dance part actually looked good. Age has got to be the most difficult thing to tell with the female gymnasts. Whether 15 or 26, they’re all built like whippets.

– Synchronized swimming and diving are both dumb sports, but diving is definitely better. I’m not even going to analyze further than that.

Synchro Swimming = dumb, and kind of scary

– NBC may as well have a Michael Phelps affiliate. The guy is a tremendous athelete, and I have loved watching the swimming, but I was glad when the swimming was over because I was so sick of seeing what Michael Phelp’s reaction to everything was.

Phelps(I haven’t heard yet, did he win 8 medals?)

– I totally have a crush on Natalie Coughlin.

Natalie – my baby

– Dream Team my ass.

– During the opening cermony, they have the guy who jogs around the track with the torch, breaking ribbons representing all of the previous olympics. He falls at one point, representing WWI, then stops later representing the absence of olympics in 1942 and 46, thanks to WWII. Does anyone else think it would have been hilarious if the camera cut to the German athletes during the stops, all of them looking slightly ashamed?

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