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Last Day

I punched out and said my goodbyes, and thus ended Best Buy’s (or His Satanic Majesty, as I like to call it) opressive hold on my life. And yet I still felt a twinge of sadness as I said goodbye and walked out the door, making my last purchase with my employee discount, and having my coat checked for the last time. Even though this is the place I have grown to despise in the past year and change, it is still the place I have spent four days a week at during that span. It is a blessing that I will not be there anymore, yet I still felt a little bit of sadness, thinking about everything I did during the day being the last time I will ever do that. Though I have hated it, it really has become a little bit of a home for me. Interesting how the human mind does things like that.

I got home, literally ripped the shirt off my back, cracked open a beer, and ceremoniously burned the shirt. As I sat watching the smoldering remains of my work shirt, I thought “I don’t use this grill nearly enough.” Then I drank a toast to God, for creating new things in my life, and there I left behind Best Buy Morgan, and opened up yet another chapter of my life. Whatever this one holds is bound to be better than the previous, but as I always do, I will smile and remember the good things about this past chapter, as few and far between as they may have been.

So as you read this, raise your glass of water, orange juice, vodka, or soda and join me in this toast.

Thank you, God, for creating new things in peoples’ lives
And endlessly answering prayers in unique and creative ways
May each chapter of our lives bring us closer to you

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