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So I’ve always made a point of telling people that I have a website, but not a blog, though I realize that my lack of putting things up other than random thoughts has really turned this into a blog site. I’m going to keep putting up plays, skits and essays, but I guess I’ve been at a lack of inspiration for those chosen art forms for the moment. In regards to my random thoughts however, I do promise to always make them random, sometimes obscure, and always strange, as opposed to recaps of how my day was, or how crappy my relationship is going. Whatnot.

I’ve seen some blogs where people get really detailed about people in their lives, including their names (I almost always use aliases by the way, Karl) and things about them, and then go on to say really bad things about them. I always think to myself, what if that person is checking the site? Isn’t that awkward? Or is his or her point in putting that blog entry up simply to piss that particular person off? As if saying “Look, I’m so mad, I’ll make it electronically public.” Call me old fashioned, but I guess I just always thought people should work things out face to face. Now if you’re making fun of someone, that’s completely different.

(However, it is a strange sense of worth when putting these random thoughts up here. As if the most petty things from my day somehow inherit so much meaning when putting them on the internet. Suddenly my life seems important because anyone can read about it.)

In conclusion, I will strive to make my random thoughts about all of humanity, and the strange experiences therein, and if they are about me, they will at least be self-deprecating. If you’ve seen enough of this site to come back every so often, I hope my thoughts are at least entertaining. Okay, that’s my last random thought about blogs, I swear.

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