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Elections = Freedom?

So elections happened in Iraq, which is a good thing in terms of the democratization of Iraq, and something I certainly support. However, I was listening to a radio show on the way to work today hosted by a fiery conservative who was saying in extremely similar words “Iraq is now free. President Bush should be congratulated, and if you were agains the war in the first place, you were obviously against Iraq’s freedom, which has now been realized.” I was against the war, and always be against that war, but does that automatically make me against freedom for Iraq? Or does being against the war mean being pro-Saddam Hussein? Those are such ridiculous questions, and the subtle manipulation that has gone on in this country to alienate people who don’t agree with everything Bush does and therefore squash free speech is sickening. Plus, when did elections equal freedom. I don’t know if I’m ready to say Iraq is free just because they “elected their own leader.”

But I guess that goes from the point of view of democratizing Iraq. I was against this war for a number of reasons that I really don’t feel like listing now (if you’d like to know them, email me), and my stance is still the same. However, what’s done is done, so I wish for the best with what we have now. So what happened on Sunday is a good thing, and I support it, however it is far too early to say “There, see, Bush won. He is great isn’t he?” I support our troops, and I support Bush in the sense that I don’t have another option at the moment, but I do not support this war, and I will never support the way in which it was carried out (not the battle itself mind you, but the circus leading up to it). For us to assume that handing over our civics books and helping them hold elections can somehow undo thousands of years of religious warfare that has gone on there is naive to say the least. Of course I support Iraq’s freedom, but I can’t pretend to understand what that means nor what government is required to bring that freedom to fruition. It’s just such a complicated issue that it pisses me off when I hear people say things like “They are now free, and if you didn’t support the war from the start, you are against their freedom.” I hope that good things continue to happen for Iraq and that our presence there can soon be gone, then maybe they can move on to worshipping the market much like we do.

Okay enough ranting, I just had to let some of it out. I’m not asking that you agree with me, but just that you be understanding of other points of view, and recognize that this is a very complex issue that is hard to 100% support either side.

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