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Sudden Change of Location or Intention

So I had a really great dream the other night, and I have to say I hate really good dreams. I would much rather have a terrifying dream, because at least my life looks real nice in comparison. But I hate having that moment where you wake up and literally go “Dammit, it was a dream!”

Although maybe if I wasn’t such a sucker for dreams, I may not have such a dramatic reaction. But I fall for my dreams everytime. Even when weird shit starts happening. One typical thing that I’ll have in my dreams a lot is a sudden change in location or intention that will quickly establish its own backstory. For example, let’s say I’m having a dream that I’m going to see a movie, but I’m running late, and I’m supposed to be meeting friends, and my only transportation to get there is a Spree, but I really feel like watch my new “Amazing Police Chases” dvd too, so I rest my laptop on my lap as I drive the Spree at a neck-breaking 25 mph. (By the way, this is totally standard fare in regards to my dreams, in fact this is pretty tame on the weirdness meter) Anyway, after I finally get to the movie theater, I walk through the door trying to get to the bathroom, and I suddenly walk through the produce section of D&W. Now, instead of going “What the hell?…. oh wait, this is a dream” my brain goes “Oh, that makes sense. This movie theater has always been connected to the D&W.” And then the dream continues on. So there’s a sudden location change example.

The change in intention I’m talking about is where I’m having this same spree driving, movie watching dream, but when I get to the movie theatre, I open the door and walk into the registrar office at the University of Michigan. Once again, instead of my brain going “Why the hell am I here now?” it goes “Oh yeah, I was always intending on registering for classes. Hmm, Organic Chemistry, that sounds interesting.”

But in any case, I would still rather have the weird dreams that I often have than the ultra-realistic dreams where I meet my soul-mate, finally make the millions of dollars that I have always deserved, and score the game winning goal with 0.8 seconds left on the clock. I get enough mockery in the real world, that I don’t need my dreams pestering me too.

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