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The Catalyst that is Michigan Weather

It occurred to me that it seems everyone who moves to Michigan from somewhere else, suddenly becomes real elitist about the weather. I don’t know what it is about this place that brings that out, but I’ve heard more people talk about the weather they miss so much from New York (?) or Colorado or Florida or whatever. Yes, we all know it’s cold. We’re living in it too. And yes, there are trees, so it makes it a little tricky to see the sky sometimes. Get over it.

You never here people say “Oh man I wish there were a ton of insects here,” but when you think about it, that’s similar to saying “I miss the weather in Florida.” They tend to omit that detail, don’t they? Or when saying how much they miss Arizona, they don’t mention the fact that it is the most lifeless barren place in the universe. I don’t mind Michigan weather, but I still get irked by it too. I could do with a little less crappy of a February, and I wouldn’t mind not having the random snow in May, but come on. Every place in the world has things about the weather you like, and things you don’t.

And in regards to the midwest, have you been to Indiana or Ohio? They are the most boring states to drive through in the world. At least Michigan has a few trees here and there. And the highway does curve sometimes too.

I just can’t wait to move somewhere so I can act elitist about Michigan weather. I would say to them “Sure you may see the sun for more than 3 months out of the year. Yes you may never have to purchase a hat that goes over your ears nor underwear that goes down to your ankles. But you will never experience the sheer unbridled joy of the snow day.”

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