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Email Addresses

I work with email all day long, so I see the strange, the bad, and the ugly. A few observations, while we’re on the subject.

Why do people attempt to make some sort of statement with their email address? Seeing as I also work for a Christian company, I see a lot of addresses that are something like jesusdiedforus@aol.com, or singpraisestotheLord@yahoo.com, or jackissavingitformarriage@gmail.com. My personal favorite is eternallytaken@whatever. That’s a real one. If you are the person with that email address and you are reading this, I’m sorry to make fun of you but, come on.

Also, it should be illegal to have more than three numbers in your email address. It drives me crazy when I have to type in someone’s email and its sytw356782531@whatever. Three’s the limit. Thus sayeth me.

Lastly, I’ve seen a few recently that are something like MoMLikesSoCcer@whatever. I don’t get it. Was momlikessoccer, Momlikessoccer, momLikessoccer, and momlikesSoccer all taken that you needed to use capital letters practically every other letter?

Just one more thing to keep me up at night. I’m on my seventh smokeless day, and with stuff like this it ain’t getting any easier.

2 thoughts on “Email Addresses”

  1. Did you ever think that the email might have something other than to do with God. Not that I’m screaming at you. Mine also has to do with vampires(I’m a Twilight Lover).

  2. Ha! I’m so glad I found you Brittany! 🙂

    How did you track down my site? That post was so long ago, I had completely forgotten about it, and I’m so impressed that I said “send me an email” and you did! Awesome.

    Well I have total respect for your email address now. Thanks for setting me straight. 🙂

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