Random Thoughts

In the Summer, In the City

Passing through the crowd on the road of life
People all the same
He asks “Why’d you stop here at this place?”
I’m just trying to catch the game
H e says “I’m off to find it all
I’m off to make it pretty
See my name in the bright lights
In the summer, in the city
Walk the red carpet gala
Flashes of meaning thrill
In the latest of fashion
Iconoclasts of overkill
Don’t you love the lights
Don’t you love the attention”
I guess it’s not bad
But does it have two dimensions?

Move to the plaster town
Where everyone is pretty
I’m just trying to watch the Cubs’ game
In the summer, in the city
He says “I need to do this
I need to dream too”
I’ve got nothing against dreams
They’re just always starring you
Since everyone dreams the dream
Of money and fame
Someone’s gotta lose
So I’ll just stay and watch the game
He says “I want to live forever
I want everyone’s attention
I want to be beautiful
Beyond all comprehension”
I never was reliable
I never was pretty
I always seem to get lost
In the summer, in the city

He says “I’m going for real,
I want the wealth and fame”
I want success, sure
But I’m just watching the game
He leaves to pursue
The selfish dreams of us all
The people of the Hollywood dream
Follow like a wall
I polish off my beer
With the last of the ninth inning
Then get lost again
In the summer, in the city

© 2005 Morgan Foster

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