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There is a McDonald’s commercial on TV that has one minor thing that not many people that I’ve talked to have noticed, but it drives me insane. A male and a female sit at a table. The male says “I can’t believe Sheryl (however you want to spell it) dumped me last night.” The female perks up and says, “Well, you know. A woman is like a McGriddles.” She then picks up the male’s McGriddle and eats it, while attempting to explain how a woman is like a disgusting breakfast sandwich. Now the thing that you may have missed in there is this “… is like a McGriddles.” Since when is one breakfast sandwich referred to in the plural form. And then the male says “I should go get another McGriddles.” What the hell? Is McDonalds just trying to make up grammar rules now, like it’s some form of slang they are attempting to implement?

Now it may not sound like much, but go ahead and use McDonalds’ little plural thing out of context, and you’ll realize how ridiculous it is.

“Man I like Killian’s. I think I’m going to have another beers.”
“Villanova and North Carolina are playing a great basketball games.”
“My noses on my faces itches.”

And besides, when you go to McDonald’s, don’t get a McGriddles anyway, as they are quite gross. Get an Egg McMuffins with a coffees.

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