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The Cynics

Well I realize I haven’t added anything in a while, and I apologize. I’ve still been working on remodeling this site, as I’ve grown beyond tired of it, but I still don’t have any definite timeline on when it’ll be done. I’ll keep you informed.

However, I will post a random thought as well. I am so tired of the people I’ve come to call “The Cynics.” The people I mean by this are ones who never really form a strong opinion about anything, are never really passionate about anything, don’t ever really take a risk in regards to compassion or general concern for other things, but instead choose to just make fun of everyone else. Now there’s a difference between poking fun at someone and making fun of someone. Generally poking fun at someone involves that person you are poking fun at. Sometimes this can cross the line and become offensive (this often relies on the person and how sensitive they may or may not be on the issue at hand), but usually can be pretty harmless. Making fun of someone rarely involves them, in fact The Cynics tend to share it simply among themselves. So when someone says anything, they chuckle amongst in each other in a false glow of their own sense of self. Poking fun is done almost out of respect or at least appreciation of the subject. Whereas making fun is done with an attempt to boost one’s own self-esteem. That’s why most people who are good at poking fun often make fun of themselves as well. A great example of poking fun is Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Weird Al Yankovic. A great example of making fun is American Idol (the auditions episode especially)or Comic Book Store Guy from the Simpsons.

So The Cynics choose to never be passionate about anything, because it’s too risky. You may have to defend yourself, and you may even have to take criticism. So instead, they choose to be safe, never really truly believing in anything, but making themselves feel better by laughing at the people who had the balls to do something or to believe in something. In fact another part of the act is to dislike everything, or at least act like you do. And now because of them, one of the most difficult things in the world to do is to believe in something. It seems like cynicality or pessimism are thought of as some form of intelligence.

Well I’m sick of them. There have been moments where I’ve just wanted to yell “F— You!” to them in the middle of a public place. I wouldn’t recommend that, but the point I would make is to not let them get to you. Live passionately. Don’t settle for the watered-down cynic existence. I would much rather live passionately and fail than to laugh at the ones who fail while having never taken the risk.

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