Random Thoughts


Well, today is my birthday. I want to thank you for beautiful present.

Not now Manuel.

Sorry, Fawlty Towers reference there. But seriously, wow it’s been a long time since I’ve updated. Wow. Sorry about that. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on, and I haven’t been able to get my new design fully functional yet, but I’m hoping soon, and then things will change. I promise. Well, I don’t promise, but I hope.

So I’ve hit the quarter century mark today. Crazy. Feels like only yesterday I was 24. Man those were good times. So since I haven’t updated in almost 2 months. Here’s a bunch of quick random thoughts.

Batman Begins was awesome

Moving sucks doesn’t it?

I don’t get what all the ruckus is about Famous Dave’s, Chili’s, or Damon’s.

Have you ever walked into a room when “Staying Alive” is playing and not started to strut to the beat?

If I wanted to see Jessica Simpson’s breasts, I would buy any magazine at the checkout lane at D&W, not waste $8 to see the steaming pile of poo that is the new “Dukes of Hazzard.”

Speaking of movies, the only reason I want to see “The Island” is because Scarlet Johanssen looks smoking hot, which is not enough satisfaction to fight off the guilt of paying money simply to see her in what will no doubt be an incredibly bad movie.

Check out gospelcon.com and click on the “Click Here to Play Video” for something funny with me in it.

Are you ever frightened at the amount of Phil Collins CD’s you own?

Here’s a picture of my cats:



And here’s a picture of the geese at my new apartment place:


I’m out.

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