Description: I wrote this one a long time ago because I was going out with a girl who didn’t make any sort of an effort at all, and I felt like I was doing all the work. So, I’ll warn you, this is a little high-schooly, but some parts are decent. Some parts are so bad that they should make you laugh.

Rating: Not so great.


What am I fighting for
I’m about to give up
for what’s the NHL playoffs
without the Stanley cup
It is so hard to change
something that’s not there
It’s hard to help someone
When you’re speaking to thin air
I pray for the strength
To overcome this wall
To break the lead barrier
And get back on the ball
But I can’t do this alone
There is something to try
You could knock it over
From the other side
But you don’t, you sit
and watch me kill myself
as I scrape out every last ounce
Of power to help
But it doesn’t seem to work
It is doomed to fail
All that it needs is you
Your strength to prevail
But you feel something’s wrong
You need to draw the line
But the only thing that’s wrong
Is your state of mind
I can see you’ll overcome it
It will happen someday
Hopefully with me
As I sit down and pray
Allow me to help you
Oh please show me how
Lord, give me patience
Cause I need it right now.

© 2002 Morgan Foster

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