Description: This is one that a wrote a pretty long time ago, I think my Junior year in high school, and I’ve always liked it. The rhyming scheme is pretty unique and the message is nice.

Rating: Pretty good.


Rivers of green and rivers of gray
Flowing to wherever it may
The blue sky and yellow sun
Come together and form one
This is where I live

The sermon is preached by a tall man
So small in the world like a grain of sand
Yet large to us, like a royal birch
Standing here in an outcast church
Giving what he can give

The lightning crashes, thunder rolls
Death arrives for whom the bell tolls
The water rains down cleansing the ground
So deafening yet not making a sound
Forming an elongated figure

The thunder may roll and the lightning may strike
The world may be huge, full of hatred and strife
There may be storms overwhelmingly strong
And so many people who act so wrong
But the heart is always bigger

© 2002 Morgan Foster

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