Hiding Place

Description: If you read my poems, plays, or listen to my songs, you’ll notice that I use the Hideaway, or hiding place imagery a lot. This is the first thing I wrote with that type of imagery in it. This is based on a girl who made a huge impact in my life, and a good majority of my early poems, songs, or plays are somehow related to her.

Rating: Eh.. Okay

Hiding Place

Those beautiful eyes
That gorgeous smile
Helps me realize
That it’s all worthwhile
I know we’ve had
Hard times and pain
But if I were to befriend you
I’d be insane
The precious body
That no one else knows
Have been in my arms before
And it sure does show
For our love is deep
Where communication is a must
In our own little world
Without any lust
But it’s never like that
We end up with pain
And tears in rivers
Like acid rain
Our hiding place
Away from the mess
Was destroyed by the force
Of my overzealousness
But the gate has been reopened
The key has been found
God brought us to our destiny
Of which we’ve been bound
The key was God’s love
For you and for me
That will keep us together
For all eternity
So we’ve been brought back to our spot
Of love and of peace
With no hatred from others
And no property lease
The secret hiding place is you
And the size of your heart
And the love you exhibit
Of which I’ll never part
Our bodies will eventually leave
Off into a world of men
But our spirits are up in heaven somewhere
And we will meet again

© 2002 Morgan Foster

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