Lament for a Dying Hero

Description: There was a guy in my high school who died from cancer my junior year. They had a big funeral procession at the high school and almost everyone from the school piled in there. The service was very powerful, and I wrote this afterwards as my reaction to it. Although the poem is okay at best, the intention was good. Actually, now that I read this again, this poem is pretty bad. The “ruddy hue” line especially. Wow.

Rating: Not so great

Lament for a Dying Hero

The results came back, the rumor is true
The disease has set in a ruddy hue
Nothing can be said, nothing can be done
For what can you do when the game can’t be won?
But why must God take you, why can’t he wait?
And take someone else that is not so great
God gives us an example by taking the one
Who put hope in the eyes of the socially shunned
Who spoke for his group when they couldn’t speak
Who wanted the best and accomplished the feat
Whom was taken for granted and not cherished
Because no one knew the creature unblemished
Now that some disease will destroy your existence
Not caring who it hurts, only for sustenance
People will realize the person you were
People will realize once you’ve deterred
God must want you now for this is his call
So now you will die, an inspiration to all.

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