The Screwtape Incident

This was the second play I wrote and the first full length. To sum it up, it is basically a story of how something that seems so harmless at first, can build into something that has the power to not only distort, but destroy. Disclaimer: This play is extremely disturbing, and uses very harsh language. It is not recommended for someone who is easily offended or disturbed by language to read this play. It is obviously a message I feel should be said, and stemmed out of my own anger at the way particular sins in our society are either ignored or are just thought of as status quo, or else I would not have written it. However, I wanted to be very realistic in terms of language, so it is very harsh and disturbing at times. I obviously feel it is worth reading, or else I wouldn’t have put it up here, but I put this disclaimer here because this play has the ability to offend some, and that is obviously not my intention.

Second (and basically final) Draft

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