A few funny ones

Meat Truckload

It says “Meat Truckload Sale.” I found it humourous.

Fabio Joseph

This was a picture hanging in a church that my father and I played a show at. Notice the blond Mary with the amazing rack and Joseph putting out the vibe with his fine ass. I don’t know about you, but that gets me in the mood for church.

Zyrtec Mug

This is my boss’ mug that he keeps at work. What’s funny is that there’s little holes where the nostrils should be that fill up with water when you wash it. So typically as you use the mug (for a hot beverage in any case) water will begin to roll out of the nostril holes, and humor ensues.

Nozzle to dry hair

My dad pointed this one out. This was in the restroom of a fast food restaurant we were at. Notice the “Turn Nozzle upward to dry hair.” Who is washing their hair in the burger joint’s bathroom?

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