All the Metaphors

A little something that came out the other day, and I ended up kind of liking it.

Rating: I stopped really doing the rating thing a while ago, so I think I’m just going to stop for real now.

All the Metaphors

longing to say the words
that always sound so wrong from my lips
all these trials and tests I’ve done
to prove I can’t shoot from the hip
all the ways to describe your beatuy
all the metaphors I got wrong
all the things I could potentially regret
can’t put them all to song

feeling out of place
in the neighborhood where I got strong
all the places I searched to find you
all the metaphors I got wrong
the patterns I picked up too late
the smoke that encircled your face
as we danced on the lawn in our best outfits
despite our lack of grace

these memories swirl into one
so thick I almost can’t breath
what is the point of all of this?
why does it matter to me?
all the friends that blended together
all the ways I tried to belong
all the things that never change
all the metaphors I got wrong

1 thought on “All the Metaphors”

  1. After I read this, I cried. Not a sad cry, not a hopeless cry, but more of a I-have-too-much-emotion-so-I-need-to-get-it-out cry. I think I might print it out and put it in my journal for pondering at a later date.

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