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Conference Update

Well, the music is still the same, and it’s starting to get a little irritating. I pretty much haven’t stopped eating since we got here. They feed us about every 15 minutes. Here’s a picture of my room:


I was going to do alternate beds per night, but I like sleeping closer to the window, so I’ve just stayed in that one. I haven’t really done a whole lot, but I feel exhausted. I guess just being engaged with others for a couple days straight is tiring. Or maybe my coffee buzz is wearing off (they serve it at every meal and every break, and pretty much every moment).

A guy from xxxchurch came and talked yesterday, and that was great. Check out their website, as they are really doing some very inspiring and empowering stuff.


Well we’re in the last day, and I wish I had more interesting things to add, but we’ll see what happens today.

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  1. My old roomate Ryan did a day shoot with the XXXChurch guys, I’m not sure if it was part of a documentary or if it was a video they were producing.

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