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I’m at a conference for my company right now. Expect random thoughts and pictures. I’m also heading up to the frighteningly cold state of Minnesota afterwards, so I will try to update as I go. I promise not to be too boring.

2 thoughts on “Conference”

  1. It might surprise all of you, but Minnesota’s actually not too cold this time of year. We have been known to wear light sweaters on occasion, and when we are really brave, open-toed sandals! Maybe the trees will just be starting to turn colors to make your visit even more worth it, Morg.

  2. Don’t let her fool you. To breathe the air is like being stabbed with a thousand needles made of ice. The roads are treacherous, sheeted in a mixture of slush and pain. The Ice Giants have descend from the mountains hurling snow covered boulders. FLEE FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES. and bring a jacket.

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