Dadaist Stargazer

This poem has become my mission statement in life. I wrote this sitting at Lake Michigan, as I do many things. I was overtaken with the mystery that is life, and this is what came out.

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Dadaist Stargazer

I sit alone, I hear the waves
jumping upon themselves
lights are everywhere
Pinholes, beacons, crescents, fire
Fire on the tip of my cigar
brightening off and on
with six strings and a tree,
I sit and talk
to the park bench, to the beach
to anything that will listen
I become one with everything else that
lives and breathes
with or without lungs
I am also composed of tiny parts
that somehow are knit together with
the yarn of consciousness
I wonder do you have a conscious too?
We are somehow all linked
but I will never be able to see how it works
so I won’t worry
I’ll realize someday
So until then, I’ll sit back
And let this mystery I’ve grown to call life
flow through me
share a laugh, and a tear or two
with a bird chirp
tell it that I recognize that it is a living creature
and so am I
Let it know that I recognize its existence
and that’s basically all I can do
A speed boat cruises by
The driver I do not know, and probably never will
whoever that person is, has a mother, a father, friends, love, beliefs,
a story to tell
the ways in which it relates to my story are unknown
but would probably be unbelievably similar
A pathwalkier disturbs my personal preserve
but I do not mind
She sits and chats with me
not even ten seconds after learning my name
Why does she choose to spend a measly ten minutes
with a cigarette and me
We make petty conversation
stuff that neither of us will remember about the other later
beneath the words is a sincerity that
I have never felt nor conceived
It’s as if we are saying to each other
I see you
I recognize that you have a heart, a mind,
a motivation, a sense of humor, and so do I
although our lives will barely cross
we both suffer, we both rejoice
we both share in the mystery
she woon puts out her cigarette
and I my cigar
Our lives part after a brief fifteen minutes
that would not have made a difference if it wouldn’t have happened
but it did
I leave, knowing I will never cross paths
with my new friend again
Yet, I know that doesn’t matter
I realize the unbelievable amount of people with whom my path
is practically intertwined
just incredible
I sit and breathe,
nothing to do but be
nothing to be but me
nothing to say at all
absolutely nothing
I smile and somehow know
that each person that I love feels that smile too
What will happen from here?
Who knows.
I wonder who else I will bump inot
to share in the mystery.

© 2002 Morgan Foster

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