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Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

This is one of the thinnest plots I’ve ever seen that still was able to entertain. The only reason I even give this movie two marks is because it is pretty entertaining, but there is not much else. The story is of a nice old woman who takes the children of the villages’ teeth that they lose in exchange for a coin. (The village is called “Darkness Falls,” which should hint to the inhabitants that something ain’t right.) She is thus deemed the “Tooth Fairy.” However, she has an accident with a fire and burns her face, causing her to walk around wearing a ceramic mask (also because it makes the movie scarier). She is later hung but her spirit lives on to kill any child that sees her (but she only exists in the dark). Evidently only two kids lose their teeth in this town in a solid 12 years, because they’re the only ones she goes after. Eventually after countless mishaps and loads of people dying, they get her. There is not one single plot twist in this entire friggin movie. What you see is what you get, but if you’re in to scary movies, like myself, it might be worth a watch. Otherwise pass.

Darkness Falls Shot

Overall Rating: 2

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