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Do you ever worry that you are as invisible as you think you are?

So I went to Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago, and bumped into a girl that I used to work with, who had transferred from the store I used to work at to the store I was standing in at the moment. She used to work in the mornings with me, and we would talk all the time about whatever, and I always thought she was totally adorable, and I kind of had a little crush on her. I referred to her as an “Alty Chick.” You know, black hair that she did whatever she wanted with and would still look cute, tatoos on her arms, dressed in a generally alternative sort of way. Intelligent goth is another way you could refer to her, I suppose.

Anyway, so I saw her and said hi.

… blank stare

She had no clue who I was. Ouch. After a little bit she sort of remembered me, though I wonder if she really did or was just feigning it so I wouldn’t feel bad. Sometimes I wonder if my neuroticism is actually on to something.

6 thoughts on “Do you ever worry that you are as invisible as you think you are?”

  1. sureal…
    I think working retail for too long must send you into a hazy fog where you forget that people are actually people.

  2. Are you punk profiling again? Not every girl with dyed black hair and tatoos is the same person Morgan, maybe you weren’t talking to the same Arty Alt Punk Chick. The next thing you are going to say she was very articulate for an Arty Alt Punk Chick. GOD! Haven’t the Arty Alt Punk Chicks been oppressed enough without your style prejudice? I don’t even know who you are anymore.

  3. I have difficulty believing anybody could ever forget you without a major head injury. Were there signs of recent head trauma?

    Oh, and I like Karl’s artistic capitalization, A.A. Milne style.

    Oh, and I’m a comments fiend.

    Oh, and in case you’re having a blank stare moment, but more because I like doing this riff…. Hi, I’m Suzanne! You may remember me from such places as CTC, Advanced Acting, and Lab Bills!

  4. Hmm, does this mean that there’s a “Bookstore girl, part II” on the horizon? Maybe this is where backwards riff I screwed around with comes into play.

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