F— Buddy

This was a purging of my frustration about sex and attraction which culminated at a party one night in 2001. I had talked with a couple people who were obviously just attracted to attraction, and claimed to be about something more, and I found that this was all too true in my own life at times. And actually, in recent news, I saw the 40 year old virgin, and they actually used this term! I thought I’d invented it.

Rating: But what does turning someone into a bag of chili cheese fritos prove?

Fuck Buddy

Everyone needs a fuck buddy
Will you be mine?
I don’t want to love you
Just take you for a time
I want to feed the animal
Because that’s what I’m meant to do
I want to feed the lust
I just can’t care about you
There’s no compassion, only sex
so let’s release for a little while
This will lead us to our hope
This will lead us to denial

Everyone needs a fuck buddy
Will you be mine?
I jsut want to take advantage
I want to cross my moral line
Let’s dance across the graves of those
Less attractive then us
We have our bodies, we have our truth
Let’s awaken that natural lust
There’s nothing more, there’s only this
Just us in our happy lives
Forget the voice of the thing inside
And listen to the salesman of brandished lies

Everyone needs a fuck buddy
Will you be mine?
We don’ t need long-lasting love
to fill the void inside
We just need our hunger
We just need our feed
We don’t need meaning
We just need need
We don’ t need compassion
It’s worthless anyway
Our lives will run from such ideas
Every single day

Everyone needs a fuck buddy
Will you be mine?
We can last forever
Our sex won’t die
Just objectify, manipulate
Love for nothing high
Wallow in our meaninglessness
Because sex is not life
Our passion peels and rots
Thought we’d forever be
We will always be happy
My fuck buddy and me.

© 2004 Morgan Foster

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