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Well, here we are. The NHL season starts next week, and I gotta say, I’m actually pretty excited. It’s like a whole new game, which is what makes Red Wings fans mad, because they can’t buy another cup this year.

And I’ve heard some people complain about the shootout being added. Uh, why? One of the most exciting events in any sport, and you want to keep it out of the game? Yeah, makes sense.

That’s really all I have for the moment, and I’m hoping that my passion for hockey didn’t die from my red-hot frustration last year, but we’ll see. Here are my predictions:

Teams to watch: No idea. I’m going to watch the Blackhawks, because that’s what I do.
Best free-agent move: Umm there were a lot of them. Where’d that Canadian guy go to?
MVP: Gretzky. Is it too much to ask for the Coyotes to be needing a win to make the playoffs, and Gretzky stands on the bench with that gleam in his eye, rips off his suit to reveal complete hockey equipment on underneath, then goes out and scores 5 straight goals? (his jersey would still be the Oilers, but no one would even notice) If not him, maybe Lindros will make it through a season? Yeah, you’re right. Maybe Doug Gilmore will come back (with a pearly set of teeth).
Sleeper team: All of them?
Stanley Cup Champion: 92 Penguins, they were the ones that really deserved it.

Seriously though, you cannot possibly predict anything, it’s like a totally new league. Maybe it’s just what the sport needed. Let’s hope. I’m looking forward to it either way. The Hawks can’t possibly suck anymore can they? CAN THEY?

2 thoughts on “First NHL Post”

  1. Amen, amen! And there was much rejoicing as the Canucks won their first gameof the season! I say keep your eye on these boys…Naslund is looking pretty hot, my friends.

  2. You should try to go to a game sometime while you’re out there. I bet you guys actually get hockey on TV and stuff too. Lousy Canadians.

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