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Based on the true story of Frida Kahlo (or “Sex Kitten” as I like to call her), the movie journeys with Frida through a painful injury she goes through at a young age and a subsequent terrible marriage with Diego Rivera, the angst of which she gets out by painting very inventive works, and her ultimate rise to quasi-fame for her paintings at the end of her life. I tell ya, if you ever wanted to see every last inch of Selma Hayek’s body, now’s your chance. It’s a nice body, don’t get me wrong, but it gets to be a little much at times. Nudity does not equal good acting, I don’t care that Halle Barry got an Oscar. Like a campy porn movie, Frida sleeps with every thing that moves, and the movie doesn’t fail to capture the majority of it, to the point that the story gets lost between the sex scenes (one of which is with Trotsky, which, assuming it really happened, is just wierd). Adding to the distration of the endless boobs is the fact that Antonio Banderas and Edward Norton are in the movie for a combined total of maybe 10 minutes. Why bother getting that big of names if they’re only in it for that long? Not everything about the movie is bad, though. The big saving grace is the Julie Taymorness that is apparent throughout the film. If you’re a fan of Julie Taymor’s style and design, you should definately see this movie, because it’s all over the place. Also, Alfred Molina provides a very good performance as Diego Rivera and the soundtrack is pretty good too. So if you’re into Julie Taymoor, you should definately watch this, otherwise, it’s probably not really worth the time. If you’re main intention is wanting to know more about Frida Kahlo, just read the book Frida by Hayden Herrerra.

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Overall Rating: 2.5

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