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Last Conference Day

Well the conference is over, and I’m about to check out of the hotel (sniff, sniff). Although it is always strange to me how you can have an emotional and memory connection with a place, even if you’d only been there for a few days. But I feel like I need to say goodbye to the room, and let it know that maybe I’ll see it again sometime in the future. Actually, I think I need to say goodbye to the lounge:

Westin Lounge

I think I (and several others) spent more time there than any place else. They had Boddington’s on tap. Can’t beat that.

If you couldn’t tell, this is my first business trip. However, I do have to say it is quite nice having a Sunday off here. And since I’m in Chicago, there’s only two things left to do. Ikea and Giordano’s. So off I go!

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