Very strange poem that I wrote during a break between classes once. I really have no idea what it means, maybe one of you could tell me.

Rating: No one gives ankle watches a chance.


Brown cap on leatherhead
tell me your secrets
I’ll let you off if you tell me your story
Tables and chairs
Stare towards inner nexus
Never seen through
Tied to a fence
Chained to a mast
Nailed to a cross
Difference? Slightly
Hate? Maybe

Never thought about it before
Cutting through the oily air
to connect with something
Jealousy inherits something
that was never there before
Random thoughts, connect the dots
Makes a parakeet

Elevated hype
Exquisite personality
Matching words
Sounds weird though
Digital Economy
Analog Soul

Tell me something more leatherhead
What does your confusion mean
to the relative matter of this new covenant
new hope
Seemd too detached to be a faux pau
or a foxfire
Shake these inconsistencies leatherhead
Create meaning
Created God?
Doubt it
Where does it lead though?

Never thought about it before

© 2004 Morgan Foster

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