Letter to a Lover

These are words that I’ve found myself uttering time and time again. It is a little bit of a pity party, though, just to warn you. But I’ll cry if I want to.

Rating: Sure, I’ll have that.

Letter to a Lover

Are you out there? Do you even exist?
Do you thiink about me half as much as I think about you?
Are you just a concept? An idea?
There is no void anymore
I don’t need you
But I swear I would love you if I had you
I wonder if you have these same thoughts about me
That would be the biggest mystery of all time
There is no more longing
Only wishing
For your face, your touch, your embrace
I would comfort you and take away your loneliness, your fear, your worry
You would never feel those again
I have the power to do that
I do
I wish someone would believe me
Won’t anyone take a chance on me?
It’s not about anything sexual
which means nothing
the world tries to tell me that it’s important
but I’m better than the world
I hope I can show you that someday
I can ease pain with touch, or words
The world is so foolish
and it’s unfortunate that it fools about 90% of its inhabitants
Maybe it’s fooled everyone but me
the world has tried to fool me by saying
that I have nothing to give because of my body, my face
but I don’t want to look the way the world wants me to look
I don’t want to think the way the world wants me to think
and I won’t
Romance may be very impractical
but it’s who I am
and I would use all of my romance for one moment with you
I just wanted you to know that
I love you, whether I ever find you or not.

© 2003 Morgan Foster

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