Moving the Pawn

A little cheesy thing about the emotion of asking someone out.

Rating: Love Wins, 3-2

Moving the Pawn

I sit alone in my room
Hoping love will come through
Breath, regret, forget, regret
Depress, regress, clean mess, get dressed

But should I maybe put myself out there?
What if I make a move?
I’m so afraid
What if it happens again?
It’s all in the timing
And my timing is off

But I can’t lose everytime
Can I?
Let’s give it a shot
Okay, whew, now
Just put it aside and leave
Maybe true love only exists for a few
or none at all
It certainly doesn’t for me

Oh shut up
Shut up and do something
Why don’t you just ask?
Why don’t you move your pawn one space?
So what if it gets knocked off the board?
It’s better than nothing
Just do it
Open your mouth and ask
You’ve been practicing in your mind
for a month and a half
Stop waiting
Stop sitting and walk
Even if it’s on broken legs
Even if you sprain your ankle
Just do it, do it, do it

I did it
I don’t believe it
Well that wasn’t so hard

Wait a minute
It hasn’t been knocked off
The water’s fine in the shallow end
All of that waiting
All of that doubt
For one question
One sentence

It’s hard to remember sudden happiness like this
The rest of the day is a piece of cake now
Everything seems a whole lot easier
This chess game of aquaintence
Hoping to make a real beautiful check
Leading to checkmate
Who knows?

It’s worth a move
And that’s a move I can make
I may not be that good at starting the game
But I can learn
Okay, your move

© 2004 Morgan Foster

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