I wrote this on a rainy day, believe it or not. To explain the angst toward modern fashion that you’ll find in this, I wrote this when a girl that I was really in to stood me up for another guy. So a lot of the self-image crap comes from that too. Just to give you the back story so you get where I’m coming from.

Rating: You hurt what?


My window to the outside world is clouded with drops of rain
Why do I say it’s an ugly day, another thought that’s just engrained
The sun is blotted, the clouds are endless, the sky’s no longer blue
Yet it’s so beautiful to me, though to many that isn’t true

Let me tell you why I enjoy darker days like this
Let me tell you why I believe that the cloudiness is bliss
The raindrops fall on ground and street, everyone stays inside
Yet I walk slowly so I can let the drops erase this pride

I stare upwards eyes closed to let the wetness cleanse my mind
and realize I’m all alone, no companion can I find
The rain stops me from caring about my clothes, appearence, or possessions
It makes me forget my thousands of faults and my highways of transgressions

I am alone, and I don’t mind, the rain somehow fills my void
I forget about how lonely I usually am and how my thougts are such a toy

I forget about my struggle
I forget about my pain
This is why i like the rain

I like the rain because I can recall times when I wasn’t alone
Times of happiness, times of love, when my angst was not yet shown
I remember when the sun did not shine and I could run free
With my shirt of without a care in the world, it didn’t matter to me

Now I’m afraid to bare anything for fear of what others will think
But now in the rain I do not care, my clothes into my skin could sink
I remember when my body didn’t matter it was only as good as me
and in the rain I could run to her, and she could run to me

I remember a life without fear
where it was great to be insane
this is why I like the rain

When it rains it keeps the sun away and helps me to hide away
from the lust and sin that exist within the idea of a sunny day
when the sun is out, it also brings people who leave in a world
where desire and need are all that I see in the body of a young girl

The sun causes color upon the skin almost all of which can be seen
only rage, vex, passion, and sex, love is no longer my dream
But the rain drives people out of the streets, they are forced to cover up
So they understand the feelings of this man, where layers are never enough

I am free to stare wherever I wish wihout my thoughts going awri
I see past the here and now, I don’t know how, through the clouds I see the sky
Each raindrop like a blessing of a new day God pours on me
Most of which I take for granted, the rest I never see

Where tears of joy flow without aim
Where sex and love are never the same
This is why I like the rain.

© 2003 Morgan Foster

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