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Ranting on a couple commercials

So some of you may remember my post from a while back about the “McGriddles” Commercial, where I complained about the grammatical incorrectness of it. Well, here’s a couple more commercials I want to rant about. You may think that I’m complaining about something incredibly minor, but oh well. my site.

I’m not sure if this commercial is on anymore or not, but it was on all last football season. It starts off with Frank Sinatra singing “I’ve got the world on a string, sitting on a rainbow…” and a voice-over comes in saying “If this is considered the signature voice, or this (cut to classic sports car) the signature sports car, then consider this our signature card.” They then reveal that they are advertising the “Visa Signature” card. So I should consider the Visa Signature card Visa’s signature card. What the hell else would I consider it? It’s called the Visa Signature card, so of course I’m going to consider it the signature card from Visa. If it was called the Visa Platinum, or the Visa Goldstar, or the Visa Monkeybone, and they were asking me to consider that Visa’s signature card, then I’m right with you (especially if it’s called Monkeybone, who wouldn’t want to get that card?).

Another commercial that has bugged me is from Cingular wireless. There’s a guy trying in vain to use a payphone, and it’s not working or something along those lines, and his friend says “Run out of minutes again?” To which his tussled friend responds “Yeah, don’t you hate that?” (or something like that, I don’t have the actual transcript on me). The friend then says “I wouldn’t know, I have rollover.” What in the world does rollover have to do with running out of minutes, when you really think about it? If you run out of minutes you run out of minutes. He should’ve said “I wouldn’t know, I have rollover, and I didn’t use all my minutes last month, so I have a little cushion this month, and I haven’t dipped into that yet, but if I do then I may experience your pain.”

Okay, that’s my latest commercial rant. Knowing the commercials made in this country, however, I’m sure I’ll have more later.

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