Some Minnesota Trip Pictures


The most important stop to make in Chicago.


And the next most important stop. This was my first time to IKEA, so Brian and Marcia took me on the tour. You can’t get a picture with much more blue than that.


Oh wait, yes you can. I got a really sweet desk and three lamps. Pictures to come later. (since I’m in Minneapolis at the moment, there isn’t really anywhere practical to set it up)


Took this at a Wisconsin rest stop. I haven’t driven through Wisconsin in a long time, and I think the main thing I was impressed with was the fact that there was a sign that said “CHEESE” at almost every single exit. It was unbelievable. I wanted to take pictures and make a montage, but I didn’t want to stop (what with my Bears jersey on), so I may have to try to get that on the way home.

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