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Okay, so I’m giddy with excitement not only at having a Sports blog now (that hopefully people will actually read and enjoy), but the fact that the NFL season starts tomorrow night. No matter how bad I know the Bears are going to be, I still get ridiculously excited. It’s why fall is my favorite season (it would be even better if the Cubbies would make the damn playoffs).

I don’t really have much to say at the moment, but I just wanted to make an initial sports post.

7 thoughts on “Sports and Such”

  1. I thought you were crazy before, and then I moved to Athens GA and found out that this whole CITY is crazy about how much they like football season. I am maybe starting to understand this whole business. (That doesn’t mean you’re not crazy for other reasons, don’t worry)

  2. I visited your site YESTERDAY and it was cat and geese pictures, today, sports blog. I would say that’s an upgrade. I’m totally oblivious of the NFL starting and am still trying to get the taste out of my mouth from the Bears 10-12 loss to the Lions that we paid $20 to park 5 blocks away from two seasons ago. It’s put me off professional sports ever since. I’ve got Michigan State here and they lose enough to keep me in my childhood roots of liking the Bears, Cubs, and Tigers, but they win enough that it’s not too far between cool sweet doses of victory. It’s like drinking the right amount, I’ve got no tolerance built up for a team I like winning, not like some Braves or Yankees fan that call the season a waste if they don’t make the playoffs. They have to make the playoffs to get buzzed. If the Bears win 8 games this year, it will be like I partied non-stop for 17 weeks. When they were 13-3, I looked liked I was on heroinspeedacidcocaineahol… and pixie sticks.

  3. Pittsburgh’s slightly football crazy as well, which makes being a Patriots fan extra fun 🙂
    Morgan, make sure you post our NFL predictions, so everyone can mock us to NFL purgatory.

  4. Ninja, yes that was the saddest game in history. I don’t even think there was a first down until like a minute left in the first. Sad, sad. I saw another Bears Lions game last year that was almost as sad. Would it be too much to ask for the Lions and Bears to be 1 and 2 in the NFC North?

    Oh yeah, Tim, I didn’t even think to throw our picks up here. Coming up shortly.

  5. Sad Bowl, that’s great, Hahahahaha haaaaa, ahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh ho ho ho ho *sniff sniff* (Laughing turning to crying) the Sad Bowl… that is the perfect description.

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