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Talk to Her (Habla con Ella)

Talk to Her Poster

A movie about two men who form an odd friendship when both the objects of their affection are in comas. Benigno (who’s in the picture below) is madly in love with a girl, although she doesn’t know it, and Marco is in love with a female matador who slips into a coma after being violently gored in a match one day. A very creative and original script that is heart warming, sad, and somewhat disturbing at points. Also has a fantastic soundtrack, as most spanish movies tend to have. I’ll give you fair warning, also, in case you plan to see this movie: There is a scene about 2/3rds of the way through that has a lot of relevance for the movie, but is pretty shocking. So just remember when it gets to the “Shrinking Lover” part, be prepared. Yet another movie to take a creative look at man’s infidelity to talk to women. Gets me everytime.

Talk to Her Shot

Overall Rating: 4

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