U of M goes down

Well, U of M goes down already. I felt they were a pretty weak #4, so I’m not incredibly surprised. But here’s my question, is Notre Dame the real deal? I know it’s early, but I like Charlie Weiss, and they are looking pretty good so far. Just a thought.

3 thoughts on “U of M goes down”

  1. Chicago Bears…..opening game…….7 f’ing points. I’m too stupid to hate this team but they are like a hot stove that I keep touching. Wow! That stove is glowing RED HOT!!! Let’s go to the Sad Bowl and metaphorically put our whole hand down on it at once. I GOT BURNED!!!! Ow! Alright, new season, opening game, that stove looks exactly the same. I’m going to put all my finger tips on it at once and HHOOOOOOOOOOWWWWIE owie zowie. It BURNED ME AGAIN!!! At least the Michigan State Stove turned out to be cooking me something delicious instead of my own hand this week. We’ll see if I’ll be eating Crushed Irish Mac and Cheese next week or another grilled hand sandwich.

  2. Too early to panic for you bears fans out there. You still have a good defense, and you have the pieces for a good running game (solid offensive line, and a couple decent backs). Good D + good running game = some wins. Half the league is 0-1 right now, so you’re not out of it yet 🙂

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