Cheesy love poem about a recurring problem in my life where I’m in love with a girl who’s already with someone else.

Rating: I’ll try anything twice


I’m not ashamed to say I’m in love
I’m not afraid of what it will do
My days now seem so fresh and new
The future’s too far above
I often sit and stare at her face
It glows of beauty and compassion
Eyes deeper than life, a smile near perfection
Elegance, style, grace
I’ve never been so close to someone
Without it somehow screwing up
That’s why my mind’s so deep within
My hear is well gone
I’m not ashamed of these feelings inside
They’ve made me feel so good
Nothing else ever could
Loneliness has died
This is just too good to not be right
I’ve waited just so long
I still don’t fee like it’s anything wrong
But it turns out it jumst might
Please, God don’t turn me down this time
It’s happened so much before
It’s come so far and could be more
Give me some kind of sign
If I give my heart, If I give it all
to this girl I love so much
and I can’t be with her, love her, touch her
then it may be my final fall
I just can’t take much more in my life
I’ve already had so much pain
All my compassion seemed in vain
Searching for some unknown, mysterious wife
She has got to be it
There can’t be another way
I’ve never had such joyful words to say
I hope I can make her see it
She has become such an integral part of my world
I never want to let go

So once again, as my life often shows
My heart belongs to a taken girl

© 2003 Morgan Foster

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