This was the second poem I ever wrote, and it’s actually not too bad, now that I look back at it. It has some amaterish stuff, but is pretty intense for the most part.

Rating: Okay


All the people in the world are the same
as we look through the eyes of a country so vain
there is a crisis upon our hands
“Fight for your country�?, said he,�?take a stand�?
Those words, that I followed were my wish for death
So they sent us off to clean up the mess
They yelled at us from dawn till dusk
They spewed out words; they screamed and they cussed
Because of honor was why I was doing this
killing off people right down the list
I saw in their eyes the fear and the pain
Then sent them in line, next to be slain
The stench reeked for miles away
“Who Cares?�? is what he told us to say
Next to be killed, hmmm who to choose
this, my friend, was the killing of the jews
My assignment was changed, to the fields of war
To fight off the allies, and what for
To try to become the all powerful land
Joining the axis forces, to get whatever we can
To Western Europe, with guns in position
we got prepared, and sat down to listen
the gunfire alone was enough to hear
looking through the skies with nothing but fear

Men coming towards us but don’t be scared
Pull on the trigger and the fire flares
Men dropping down from high above
We incinerated them just to show them our love
One man was alive, wounded from collision
My knife in his chest had made a deep incision
Concern inside me began to rain
Of the way I had caused this man so much pain
I crouched down beside him to check on his health
He said his last words and shot himself
Choppers came to get us out
With pointless orders they had to shout
You could smell all the blood through the hot air
Over all this land we weren’t willing to share
The words the man had said writhed up in my mind
I began to realize my terrible crime
I tried to hide them in a far off place
But they came back reminding me of my cold-blooded race
Nobody knew then but found out later
That we were ruled by an inhuman dictator
Finally I could stand it no longer
The words that man said were,�?Death Before Dishonor�?
I pulled out my gun and held it to my temple
Taking a life, was it really that simple
My accomplishments dreadful, my existence a curse
I pulled the trigger before things got any worse

© 2002 Morgan Foster

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