Random Thoughts

You ever wonder….

What ever happened to Richard Dreyfus?

and then immediately think, are there any brownies left?

6 thoughts on “You ever wonder….”

  1. Ever wonder, what ever happened to my brownies? And Richard Dreyfuss is there looking around suspiciously whistling with brown crumbs in his mustache?

  2. unrealted to brownies (though I pine for them) or richard dryfus (I call him dick) look at the photos section, sepecifally the friends and family section. In there I saw, I set of friends, 1 set of family… and five pics of morgan(or brillant morgan clones) in a variety of states of disarray…. interesting…

  3. Hey, no being mean to Morgan right after he worked so hard on this website. (Although that is pretty funny, Josh…) Thank you for making your website so pretty and interesting, Morgan!

  4. Thanks for sticking up for me, Jessie, but I can handle this skinny Josh punk. Yeah, I haven’t really finished the photos section yet, but in no time the pictures of other people and things other than me will dwarf the pictures of me. Let’s hope. Or maybe it’ll turn out that I am as conceited as I think I am.

  5. You bring up a good point, Morgan. Where is Richard Dreyfus? For that matter where is Christian Slater? Maybe they will both show up in an indie film together. Here’s hoping.

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